[AG-TECH] CCS Wednesday Seminar Series

Santhosh Kumar santosh at ccs.uky.edu
Tue Sep 24 09:28:02 CDT 2002

 The CCS Wednesday seminar series will continue with the following

  Title: Numerical Methods for Scattering Problems

  Presenter: Seongjai Kim, Dept of Mathematics
             University of KY

  Venue:  Institution Venue of Requesting Site

  Time and Date: 25th September 3:30 (Eastern)

  Contact Email Address: sysadmin at ccs.uky.edu

  Talk Abstract: Wavefronts traveling through heterogeneous media
incorporate various wave phenomena such as reflection, refraction, and
diffraction. The simulation of these waves is often challenging, in
particular, when tens of wavelengths are to be simulated. This talk will
begin with surveying accurate and efficient numerical methods for solving
wave equations in both the time and frequency domains, followed by a
discussion on difficulties and interesting open questions. Among others,
the high-frequency wave simulation (by solving the Helmholtz equation) is
particularly interesting. Since the problem is non-coercive and requires
to choose about 20 grid points per wavelength for conventional
discretization methods, the problem size is huge (even in 2D) and
therefore it is extremely hard to solve. To overcome the difficulties, I
will introduce a new algorithm, called the high-frequency asymptotic
decomposition method. It is numerically verified that the new method is
accurate enough for 4 grid points per wavelength for standard second-order
discretization schemes and its solution involves no phase error.

More details can be found on page: http://www.ccs.uky.edu/ccs/wed.htm

All sites willing to partcipate can turn up by 2:30 (Eastern) and
can have a audio check.

Center For Computational Sciences
University of KY

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