[AG-TECH] AG Projector options?

Luc Renambot renambot at cs.vu.nl
Tue Sep 10 06:23:43 CDT 2002

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Plenty of correct things about projectors...

However, I'll try give you my impression on low-end DLP projectors:
  - We use 19 of them in our dept. (3 for AG, 16 for tiled display)
  - The very small ones at aout 1kg are not realiable
      (too "consumer", too hot in small form-factor,  ...)
  - Short life of the bulb
  - DLP projectors uses a "white window" in the color wheel to
    increase the brightness of the whites. Very nice for punchy
    powerpoint presentations, not good for videos.
  - Flickering of the image captured from video cameras
      (frequency problem)
  - Forget about digital keystoning correction (image degradation)


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