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Sun Sep 8 17:28:52 CDT 2002

Personally, I really perfer the XAP series to the AP series, if only for the software.  Two nice aspects of the XAP software:
 * Provides a COM API so you can access the GUI functionality programmatically
 * Allows multiple mike's signal levels to be displayed at once.
There were many more, "Oh wow, isn't that nice" experiences when I moved from APs to XAPs, though they are lost in the mist of poor memory at this point ;-)  Hardware-wise, I couldn't say if there was a tremendous quality difference of the output of both when properly 'tuned', as I've had excellect results with both models.  However, I did find it significantly easier to tune an XAP and when either is out of tune, the results are less than stellar.
 - jcb

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	I am working on a low priced, portable node and am considering buying the AP
	400 instead of the XAP 400.  Has anyone used both of these?  We have been
	using an XAP 800 but have not used the AP.  Is this a good way to cut costs a
	bit for a smaller node?
	Jonathan Humfrey

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