[AG-TECH] Test request: Tuesday afternoon-ish.

Steve Gallo smgallo at ccr.buffalo.edu
Tue Sep 3 08:34:48 CDT 2002


We should have out node up between 1:30 and 2:00 EST and can probably expect
activity between 3:00 and 5:00.


Steve Gallo
Database Administrator
smgallo at ccr.buffalo.edu
The Center for Computational Research
The State University of New York at Buffalo
9 Norton Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1800
716-645-6500 x521

At 06:23 AM 9/3/2002 -0600, Don Morton wrote:
>I haven't seen an actual "time" in any of these postings?
>If I'm around, I'll be happy to fire up our AG and
>"hang out."
>Sorry I haven't been able to give y'all Montana views lately.
>Got a new computer in my office and just haven't gotten
>around to setting up the AG stuff on it;  Seems like I've
>been in Alaska at least as much as Montana (which is a GOOD
>thing!), and I'm just getting ready to head up again....
>"Jeffrey L. Tilson" wrote:
> >
> > Hi Rick,
> > Thank you for your comments.  We shall certainly be 'on' though, I cannot
> > guarentee any attendance on our end.  AFAIK, we'll be in the TEST
> > room, though if that changes, our operator will send the info to ag-tech.
> >
> > What makes this somewhat difficult is that our AG furniture has not
> > arrived :( So we'll need to fake it.
> >
> > Anyone wishing to participate ( or at least get their site banners
> > displayed) we would appreciate.
> >
> > Thanks, again,
> > --jeff
> >

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