[AG-TECH] PIG and or 'Big' AG with Firewire?

Thomas M. Mueller thomas.m.mueller at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Sep 12 11:14:05 CDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 18:36, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
> Hi randy, I've gotten things working by hand with the orange micro ibot,
> but for the cost, the logitech quickcam 3000 (and now the 4000) provide
> 640x480/30fps (and now 1280x960, dunno fps for the 4000) are much better
> deals (< $100).

have you (or anyone) gotten the quickcam 3000 (or 4000) to work without
the weird bluish tint?

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