[AG-TECH] a reminder and request :^)

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 18 22:52:57 CST 2002

Hello all,

So the high performance supercomputing tradeshow, SC2002 
(http://www.sc2002.org) is in full swing.  I would like to invite all sites 
that happen to have nodes on the showroom floor as well as any AG node 
around the globe that can, to hangout in the venue "Supercomputing 2002", 
built specifically for this week.  We would really love to have as much 
interaction or video feeds as possible.  Perhaps if you normally send video 
in the AG lobby, you can make a change for the week :)  Audio is a little 
tricky on the showfloor, but we have plenty of audience.  Again, any 
interesting video on the display wall for all would help :)

http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/sc/2002/sc02.html  (jump to the Access Grid program)

Please also, take a look at the above URL.  It provides a program for the 
AG.  We are repeating daily a demo and in depth presentation on Access Grid 
2.0.  Slides will not be distributed, however, everyone is welcome to 
attend any date or time of this talk.

Again, we would love to have you park your node to hangout in 
Supercomputing 2002 whenever possible... Thank you very much....

Mary Fritsch

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