[AG-TECH] Internet2 Virtual Briefing at SC

Jonathan Tyman tyman at internet2.edu
Wed Nov 13 17:03:12 CST 2002

The Internet2 Virtual Briefing on Thursday, November 21, 11:30am - 1pm EST 
(16:30 - 18:00 UTC), is entitled, "Live from the Floor at SC2002."  It will 
be available via Access Grid, through the Internet2 Institutional Venue. It 
will feature live interviews with three outstanding researchers: Ian Foster 
(University of Chicago), Donna Cox (University of Illinois, 
Urbana-Champaign), and Bob Grossman (University of Illinois, Chicago). The 
interviewees will also entertain questions from the remote audience.

These interviews will originate from the netcast booth on the expo floor of 
SC2002 in Baltimore, Maryland (http://www.sc-2002.org/). The theme of this 
year's SC conference, "From Terabytes to Insights," emphasizes the 
opportunity to use technology to transform an ever-increasing flow of data 
into the knowledge that will impact education, science, business, 
government, and every aspect of society.

Live interaction with the interviewees can take place via H.323, the Access 
Grid, or questions can be emailed at any time to
vb-questions at internet2.edu.  Responses to any unanswered email questions 
will be posted following the Virtual Briefing. Technical issues should be 
directed to vb-tech at internet2.edu.

Between interviews, this Virtual Briefing will include short features from 
the floor of the SC2002 conference.


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