[AG-TECH] registering node for bridging takes ages?

Grzesiek Sedek jesi at jinxt.net
Tue Nov 26 10:20:15 CST 2002

Hello Everybody,

Is anyone know how long it takes to register ag node for bridging?
I submitted mine around 2 weeks ago and still didn¹t get any reply, when
today tried again I've got info saying that ip address is already in
But no bridge access.

Another questions I've got is where to start debugging multicast network, my
provider (Super Janet UK) claim it had enabled multicasting but as far as I
can see ( not far ;-)) its not on.

Any help appreciated,



Grzesiek Sedek
jesi at jinxt.net
mob: +44 (0)781 611 0640
fax: +44 (0)709 239 0465

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