[AG-TECH] ddvic error

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Nov 6 14:42:38 CST 2002

>Bob O. has done some testing and it appears that whenever a NetMeeting
>source disconnects, vic crashes.

It's more complex than that, I think.

I seemed to have been able to cause a crash (in the test room a few minutes 
ago) by connecting to the room via VRVS and netmeeting. The crash happened 
when I disconnected my netmeeting.

Or maybe not, it's unclear now what's going on. However, rtpdump is showing 
me that there are at least three sources emanating from 
vrvs-ag.internet2.edu that don't show up on the vic thumbnails; the IP 
address of that host shows up in the address deallocation code where vic is 

I'm continuing to run rtpdump and vic under the debugger in the test room 
to try to get a handle on this. If anyone's been trying vrvs/netmeeting 
from the Internet2 vrvs gateway, speak up so we can see if that's the probelm.

Philippe - is there any new bridge software running?


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