[AG-TECH] Greetings, and a few questions...

Luc Renambot renambot at cs.vu.nl
Fri May 31 06:03:03 CDT 2002

Same here. Our 3 machines (1 Win2000 and 2 Linux) are AMD
1.2 Ghz, all Nvidia GeForceMX dual-output (AGP and
PCI). It works fine. Perhaps a consideration is the
noise: we use a small room, and the 3 PCs produce
some background noise (big fan and power supply).
Perhaps with PIII, it's less noisy.


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> > 1) Has anybody had any particular luck (good or bad) using Intel
> > processors vs. AMD ones?
> We're delighted with AMDs.  We have a three machine system (control
> runs on the Display machine for ease of operation) and CPU
> utilization, with single 1.4 GHz AMD procs in each is roughly
> as follows:
> Display/control machine; 10% + 4% per display window, rounded up to
>     100% by APware' stupid use of serial port, but this doesn't
>     trouble us as long as APware's priority is set to LOW
> Audio machine: very low utilization
> Video machine: around 10% per video feed
> Hope that helps.
> Chris
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