[AG-TECH] Bug fix for Win32 MultiCPU VIC video grabber

Chris Greenhalgh cmg at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Fri May 24 05:41:03 CDT 2002

Fixes frequest crashing when starting vic to transmit video on a 
multi-processor Windows machine (e.g. W2K).
Root cause - VideoHandler called async from additional windows thread, 
made calls into non-threadsafe TCL interpreter (and/or other 
non-threadsafe shared object state).
Fix: use normal timeout to grab video frames; VideoHandler just tracks 
completed frames (threadsafe use of shared Grabber state through Windows 

Context diffs against vic-v2.8ucl-1.1.3 from UCL CVS for 
vic/video/grabber-win32.cpp attached.

(who wants to run his AG node on a single MP Windows box and may now 
succeed but would really rather not have to fix any more apps :-)

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