[AG-TECH] H.323 / Mbone Gateway Progress?

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu May 23 12:20:37 CDT 2002

Hi Mike,

One piece of the answer (though perhaps not the whole thing) is the
current bridging through VRVS. There's a document you might want to look
at at:


I've seen this work with reasonably good success.

- Jennifer

Mike Daw wrote:
> I am trying to anticipate an issue that might be raised in the UK in the
> near future. This issue is that many companies have invested extensively in
> H.323 videoconferencing solutions and that the UK Govt. is beginning to
> invest widely in the AG solution in academia through the e-Science programme
> (12 nodes currently, more coming soon).
> So, the obvious question is, when will we be able to have a meeting from our
> AG node to someone's videoconferencing facility (forget about the
> desirability of this for the moment)?
> I've just spent a pleasant couple of hours reading a fascinating document I
> found on the web about a meeting attended (among others) by our very own
> Terry Disz, Bill Nickless and Bob Olson. This document outlines a lot of the
> technological issues as well as the desirability angle, given what the AG is
> trying to achieve. It's here, if anyone's interested:
> http://www.sura.org/info_tech/gateways/VC_gateway_report.html
> However, the discussion happened 18 months ago. Its conclusions talk about
> conducting a survey, looking into the shape of a possible H.323/Mbone
> gateway and thinking about funding for development work into this gateway.
> Can anyone tell me whether anything is happening or is planned to happen on
> this? What's gone on in the intervening 18 months?
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