[AG-TECH] The Newest Release of RPPT and the Seminar This Afternoon

He, Yuan heyuan at ku.edu
Thu May 16 09:00:16 CDT 2002

Again this is a note to all who plan to attend the second RPPT seminar today
at 1:30 CDT (Virtual Venue: Full Sail Room): 
Please bring a laptop with you. We will run multiple tests among all sites
regarding RPPT's advanced features during that seminar. I will put up the
slides by noon at:
http://plainsman.engr.ku.edu/ag/rppt/rppt2.ppt. It is advised that you
download and print out the slides before attending the seminar, since we
will stop using DPPT at the time of testing. We will use
plainsman.engr.ku.edu as our DPPT server and lasker.engr.ku.edu as our RPPT
server at KU. 

You may now download the latest RPPT from
!!NOTE: PLEASE make sure it is unzipped to C:\AG\RPPT (I have reasons that
I'll explain in the seminar.) This is the version 1.9 and it'll be changed
to 2.0 soon if all the tests passed and people are satisfied.

RPPT Version 1.9 is a lot smarter than ever before:
* Easier to learn and use 
* The server has session logging capability and display detailed information
on connections 
* The master and clients can now reconnect to server automatically if the
server is rebooted during a talk (unattended presentation mode)
* The client and master now detect the landscape or portrait orientation of
slides, and show them in appropriated area you "dragged and defined" on the
display screen, without annoying black surrounding or window frame
* Good support of animations and remote laser pointer

I'm looking forward to your joining the seminar :-) Please register your
attendance at:  http://scv.bu.edu/accessgrid/seminars/

Thanks and see you soon,


Yuan (Eric) He
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department,
The University of Kansas,
4006 Learned Hall, Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
Tel: 785-864-2937
Fax: 785-864-4967
E-mail: heyuan at ku.edu

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