[AG-TECH] Introductions and info on AGCUBE

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at acs.ryerson.ca
Fri May 3 17:55:07 CDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

We have had a AG Node setup at our university for about 8 months (since 
September 2001) and been lurking around and working with a couple of 
other nodes (University of Calgary and Sheridan College). One of our 
team members suggested I post this message to inform you of some of the 
things we've been up to.

1) I have made a small website with some information about our 
experience with AG. Among the interesting tidbits you might want to have 
a look at is what we are calling the AGCUBE. Basically the idea is "How 
do you replace the 3 or 4 machines that run a AG Node with a shoebox 
sized midget PC that can do the same thing for relatively cheap?". I 
have some preliminary Docs there and am in the process of putting the 
final touches on a "pseudo (un)official AG software distro" for this box 
under win2k and Linux. I will be posting more info on the exact process 
of building such beast with photo's from our CUBE by the end of next week.

There is also a document there that describes how to setup a stripped 
down AG node on a laptop (2 camera, 1 projector, and a couple of mics). 
The site is located here: http://www.rcc.ryerson.ca/~mayromlo

Any feedback you might have on any of the content of the site is welcomed.

2) We are actively working on Electronic/Digital Art and are constantly 
  on the lookout for participants with AG node or even just multicast 
access. Some of the things we have been pondering about are for example 
remote manipulation using the following chain SoftVNS-->MAX-->midi-->IP 
encapsulation-->multicast-->IP stripdown-->midi-->jMAX (or 
PD)-->remotecontrolled device (Hope this chain thing is clear enough), 
Digital Collaborative Poetry and generally synthesized anything :-). You 
can have a look at our website which lists some of the projects we have 
worked on in the past: http://www.rcc.ryerson.ca/synthops/

3) Finally, Yes we also do VC's with anyone who needs help testing and 
setting things up. Although both of our nodes will be down until tuesday 
May 7th due to a Network upgrade.

Many Ayromlou

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