[AG-TECH] More photos and Video of "Kids on the Grid"

Peterson, Michael R michael.peterson at pnl.gov
Wed May 1 17:42:15 CDT 2002

For those who participated, or are interested. Here's another link to pictures
of the "Kids on the Grid" session (April 25).

This public web site shows some of the activities at PNNL's "Take Your Daughters
to Work Day". You will find a quicktime video and a couple pictures of our "Kids
on the Grid" activities.

Video - http://www.pnl.gov/workday/video/video.stm (quicktime video showing the
kids participating in the AccessGrid fun)

Still Picture and Screen Capture of Grid session -
http://www.pnl.gov/workday/snapshots/snap.asp (Various shots of activities at
PNNL, many of "Kids in the Grid" towards the bottom). 

Thanks again to the participants.


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