[AG-TECH] Re: Reminder: Upcoming AG User Seminars

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at ndsu.nodak.edu
Wed May 1 11:31:23 CDT 2002

   If you haven't checked out RPPT I would recommend you do that.
For events with multiple sets of ppt files, multiple "masters",
etc., it greatly simplifies operations.  Not only is the specific 
slide but the ppt file is selected by the current master!  
So you could go a whole day at a "remote" site and never have to 
touch your client once you have things started.

   There are other nice features such as dynamic passing of
masters, a distributed cursor or pointer (ala electronic laser
pointer), better support of animation, GUI interfaces which
"remember" the last settings you used, etc.   I hope you get
a chance to check RPPT out.  For large complex events this should
make ppt management a lot easier.

Disclaimer:  I have no financial interest in RPPT nor any
connection to KU.  ;-)

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