[AG-TECH] Access Grid audio bitrate

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu May 23 11:05:20 CDT 2002

At 05:02 PM 5/23/2002 +0100, Ben Juby wrote:
>Is there any reason why the the Access Grid needs to use such high bitrate
>audio? Uncompressed 256kbps streams seems a bit excessive for voice

This was chosen mostly because it has been very reliable. Early on we saw 
some instability problems with some of the compressed codecs. If some folks 
wanted to do some long-term testing with compressed audio (at 16Khz or 
more) and reported back, that'd be awesome.

>Having such high bitrate audio also seems to put significant processing
>load on the machine running RAT to pick up all the network data and play
>the streams. Yesterday another member of my department was listening in on
>an Access Grid session from their desktop, and were experiencing almost
>full CPU utilisation before they had even tried running VIC.

Was this a windows box by any chance? We've seem some cases where rat there 
consumes huge amounts of CPU not due to the data rates.

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