[AG-TECH] Re: Hands-on Multicast Workshop

Brent Sweeny sweeny at indiana.edu
Wed May 8 16:00:10 CDT 2002

that's great! might you consider netcasting it, even one-way

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 12:23:06PM -0700, Lucy E. Lynch wrote:
> All -
> The University of Oregon will be hosting a hands-on Multicast Workshop for
> Internet2 connected organizations. The workshop will be held in Eugene,
> Oregon June 19-21, 2002. We are very pleased to have two star instructors:
> Greg Shepherd of Juniper Networks & Beau Williamson of Cisco Systems.
> Details can be found here:
> http://www.internet2.edu/multicast/workshops/workshop-oregon-200206.shtml
> This is the first in what will hopefully be an on-going set of workshops
> (like the current IPv6 series). Space is limited to 20 students and you
> can register using the web-based form found here:
> http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~llynch/mregistration_form.html
> Please address any questions you may have to me,
> Lucy E. Lynch 				Academic User Services
> Computing Center			University of Oregon
> llynch at darkwing.uoregon.edu		(541) 346-1774/Cell: 912-7998

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