[AG-TECH] ANL network loss RESOLVED

Bill Nickless nickless at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Mar 28 16:01:03 CST 2002

Two problems conspired to cause ANL network lossage: a bottleneck in the 
path from Argonne to Abilene and a user application that did not back off 
in the face of congestion.

Fiber jumpers are being installed today to increase the bandwidth from the 
current shared OC-3 (155 megabits/sec) bottleneck to a private Gigabit 
Ethernet (1000 megabits/sec).  We expect to test and turn up this new 
circuit on Tuesday (2 April 2002).

The user has been contacted and has agreed to "mellow" the application.  It 
was sending 10,000-20,000 packets/sec from Argonne to California, and was 
working fine with 20% packet loss!!!  I explained that if the application 
was seeing 20% packet loss, so were other applications, and that Access 
Grid in particular was not tolerant of 20% packet loss.

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