[AG-TECH] Help us test our moose drool room!!! :)

Vikas Chowdhry vikas at evl.uic.edu
Thu Mar 28 13:11:36 CST 2002


EVL is in the moose drool room. We are sending out two video streams and
receiving about eight. 
Cannot see anyone on the RAT.


On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Don Morton wrote:

> all,
> jeremy finished the final pieces (we think) of getting
> our venues server to provide a MooseDrool Room.....
> the one unknown right now is whether the allocated
> multicast addresses propogate out beyond U. Montana....
> if someone has a little time, would they mind dropping
> in and helping us determine if we have this outside
> connectivity?
> two ways to connect:
> non-geek:
> go to 
> http://AGVVS.cs.umt.edu/
> Then create an account by clicking on the "Register" link
> on the left then, after you've done this "Log in"
> I think Jeremy has it set up so you go to "Observation Deck"
> (the Montana equivalent of the AG Lobby, given that we
> observe nature from here - I think this was Marty's idea :))
> by default so, just go to "Moose Drool" room and you will
> hopefully see us.  I have my office cam on "me" today in hopes
> that somebody will come in and talk and help test.  I'll
> return to mountain and deer shots in a day or two :) :) :)
> The geek way:
> Fire up vic to point at  and rat to 
> point at
> This latter approach doesn't help us test the venues server
> but, if you don't see audio/video using the venues server,
> then this last approach at least allows us to determine if
> our multicast addresses are indeed working.
> Thanks all!!  Hope to see you in the moose drool room soon!! :)
> Don
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>    Don Morton                   http://MRoCCS.cs.umt.edu/~morton/
>    Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
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