[AG-TECH] CCS Wednesday Seminar (April 3rd)

Satish K. Vanimisetti satish at ccs.uky.edu
Thu Mar 28 11:21:07 CST 2002


The abstract for next Wednesday's seminar, and a postscript file
that will be used for the presentation are posted at:

(I have included the abstract in this e-mail, but, the most
up-to-date version will be available at the above URL.)

------ CCS Wednesday Seminar, April 03, 2002 ----------------

"Multiscale Phenomena Approximated via Finite Element Methods"

Dr. Leopoldo Franca
University of Colorado at Denver

Finite element methods are described and the mathematical framework
set for simulating multiscale phenomena. We are interested in modeling
problems which involve features that are finer than the computational
mesh. The objective is to improve the simulation of large scale problems
involving various scales.

The presentation includes finite element methods for singular perturbation
equations, where the perturbation is smaller than the characteristic mesh
size. The fine scales contained in an element of size h are approximated
and their effect is incorporated into the larger scales computations. The
objective of a multiscale method is to obtain a highly accurate computation
of the larger scale part of the solution. The fine scales are often ignored
for engineering purposes; however their effect is crucial in the computations
of the large scale part of the solution.

The speaker plans to use some transparencies in addition to the ps file.
(He says they will look better as transparencies. I will try and get ps
files for those transparencies, and post those as soon as I have them.)


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