[AG-TECH] "Tale your Daughter to Work" April 25

Peterson, Michael R michael.peterson at pnl.gov
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I agree with Don. We are having, "Take your Daughter's To Work Day" at PNNL, but
the idea is to allow kids from different places to learn about each other and
the AccessGrid (whatever we call the event). 

We are behind a firewall and need our network administrator to open our ports
each time we change rooms, so we probably won't be hopping around like some, but
we look forward to the experience of participating.

Thanks to you that have responded with information.


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i would say the beauty of the AG, with all its venues, is that
diversity is a no-brainer.  those who want a "take your daughters
to work day" (and i can see good reason for that) can do their
thing, those who want a kids on the grid day can do their
thing, and those idiots who want to bring a cat can do
their thing, and we can all surf around and jump in and out
of venues and have a wild time of it all :)  kind of like
a conference with parallel tracks, where folks are constantly
getting up and going to different events.
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