[AG-TECH] Access Grid Installation

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
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I don't know whether you've been looking at ag-tech recently,
but here at RAL (and many locations have reported the same
problem) there is a severe problem with the Gentner control
software (AP-ware) running in the same machine as anything
else.  We have fallen fowl of this, thinking that it was daft
to use a whole machine to control a 9600 baud serial line.
We are now looking at trying to squeeze the fourth machine back
into our racks-designed-for-3-computers!

For the rest, others have made most of the relevant comments,
although I would also note that there are problems fitting
all the required cards into a single machine (if that was a
direction you were thinking of going) as well as the problem
of one failing application possibly taking out another if it is
in the same machine.


Chris Osland

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we are planning to set up an Access Grid node and combine it with another
video conferencing system, i.e. VCON from Siemens. We try to recycle as much
hardware as possible, especially the beamer, the cameras and the
microphones, which we want to use for both systems (shouldn't be a problem,
I think).

According to the Access Grid hardware spec from Robert Olson, at least four
computers are needed for display, video capture, audio capture and control.

... two questions:

1. Is anyone of you already using a combined video conferencing system, e.g.
Access Grid and VCON, on the same hardware plattform?
2. Does anybody have any experiences with using less than four servers for
Access Grid? Is it possible to combine some of the functions, e.g. video
capture + audio capture on one machine by using a faster server?

Thanks for your answers in advance,


Torsten Goss-Walter
Deutscher Wetterdienst 

E-Mail: Torsten.Goss-Walter at dwd.de 

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