[AG-TECH] Mapping IP addresses to Venues

Bill Nickless nickless at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 22 00:33:17 CST 2002

There's also a new MBONED working group document you can expect to see 
advance soon; it allows organizations to allocate their own multicast 
addresses based on their IPv4 address allocations.

Dave Thaler of Microsoft wrote this draft.  For the text, see


For example, Argonne owns the address space; under this new 
scheme Argonne would be therefore able to allocate addresses from  A hypothetical organization with would be 
able to choose how to use the group

At 10:03 PM 3/21/2002 -0600, Tony Rimovsky wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 04:29:33PM -0600, Robert Olson wrote:
> > >For instance, we requested a static allocation of a block of multicast IP
> > >addresses from Internet2.  Since multicast traffic is scoped purely on IP
> > >address and since the amount of traffic associated with a Virtual Venue
> > >would generally degrade any other multicast application sharing the same
> > >IP address but using a different port, it seems to me that each venue
> > >should have a dedicated single IP address.
> >
> > At this point we're not viewing multicast addresses as a limited resource.
> > If need be in future, we can either dynamically allocate them on demand 
> out
> > of a pool, or use SSM to effectively partition the space.
> >
>As sites/organizations deploy their own venues servers, they should
>consider allocating venue addresses out of their own GLOP space.

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