[AG-TECH] Mapping IP addresses to Venues

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 21 22:31:54 CST 2002

An example would be the deployment of AG nodes for virtual classrooms throughout a major state university system.  This could add up to hundreds of venues in use simultaneously fairly easily.
Not a problem using non-routable multicast addresses, but if the schools wanted to use publically routable addresses between schools, it would at least be a big topic of discussion ;-)

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		I, too, await the blessed day of SSM.  Until then, multicast IP
		availability looks like a problem to me.

	What scale of address requirements do you have?

		  You do have an estimate on
		when SSM will be commonly available across the routers and nodes of the

	I'd say it's a year out anyway. I've not seen mention of IGMPv3 support for the various L2 IGMP-snooping switches yet, and that's a prerequisite for an ANL rollout anyway...
	I'd love to be proved wrong on this ...

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