Sub-spaces and Re: [AG-TECH] AG Lobby Policies

Ivan R. Judson judson at
Mon Mar 18 08:35:18 CST 2002

Hey Chris,

I think, by enriching the audio environment of AG nodes, and perhaps being a
bit more specific about what we mean by "space" we might be able to do #3.
We could create a virtual lobby, with alot of work, using just audio.  It'd
require alot of processing, knowledge of spaces, and more speakers :-).

This *is* a direction we are interested in the AG evolving, the audio could
be significantly more rich than it is now.


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> Chris Greenhalgh wrote:
> > Of course I like option 3, but the devil is in the (session management
> > and data distribution) detail. e.g.
> Further option: someone runs a transcoding gateway in each 'subspace'
> that receives and combines activity in that space and resends as a
> single (quiet) stream in the corresponding 'superspace' (or
> 'neighbouring' space). E.g. RAT can transcode (standalone or as part of
> the UCL 'Universal Transcoding Gateway'
> []), but might need
> adjustments for this target application.

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