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On Thursday 14 March 2002 10:08 am, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
>Does anybody have a suggestion for Kevin?
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>I got this from my network person when running the AG from three of
> our labs located in Belgium, New Jersey and California.
>The problem we're seeing with both VIC and Rat is that as the TTL
> value gets increased, the amount of data being transmitted is
> decreased as a way to alleviate network congestion.  The problem with
> this is that our remote sites generally connect via high-bandwidth
> links, and the associated lower frame rates are unacceptable for
> real-time communication between sites.  Is there any way that we can
> change these values, or does the source code have to be modified?
> - Kevin Nolan (J&J)

Yes, this is actually documented in our otherwise lame documentation.
See <http://www.openmash.org/users/tools/usage/vic.html>.

In short, use -B kbps to specify the maximum value for the bandwidth 
slider.  For example:


will normally give you a rather small maximum bandwidth.

vic -B 1024

will give you a maximum bandwidth of 1 Mb/s.

You probably want to be careful when you do stuff like this.


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