[AG-TECH] testing

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Mar 14 15:02:48 CST 2002

Heh. I was getting admin-boucnes since you were sending from an address 
that wasn't subscribed. Folks, if you see that your posts are delayed, that 
may be why (I forget if majordomo sends an announcement about that case or 
not). If so, check the address that you are sending from; you may want to 
resubscribe with the proper address.

Cindy, you're subscribed as both sievers at acl.lanl.gov and sievers at lanl.gov..


At 01:02 PM 3/14/2002 -0700, Cindy Sievers wrote:
>I'm just testing out this stinkin' mailing list.......I wasn't able to 
>post to this list for a long time, then I resubscribed, now I can post, 
>but I also recieve 2 copies of everything...arg!!!! Probably I screwed 
>something up, and I am just making it worse by trying to fix it....:)
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