[AG-TECH] Using VPN as a Multicast Bridge

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Wed Mar 13 20:54:13 CST 2002

For anyone who wants to try out the feasibility of VPN as a unicast to
multicast bridge, I've set up a test server on our Internet2 connection.

>From a Windows 2000 or Windows XP box, configure a VPN connection as:

Server: vpn-internet2.learningwebservices.com
User: VPN
Pass: VPN

and you will receive a valid Internet2 address that has multicast
connectivity, provided you are not behind a firewall that filters out
PPTP and L2TP traffic.

This is only meant as a feasibility trial and isn't a service Microsoft
Research is intending to offer to the AG community.  We have only
limited Internet2 connectivity and would rapidly run out of bandwidth
attempting to be a unicast bridge service provider.

If you do experiment, please let me know your results.  If this works
effectively for AG scenarios, I'll write up the results and how to set
up an out of the box Windows 2000 Server or Windows.NET server to
provide this unicast to multicast bridge functionality.

 - jcb

Use standard Internet2 security precautions, as this virtual connection
is only lightly firewalled.  Limited to 5 simultaneous users on our end.
Trial may end at any time.  Service not guaranteed.  You may be
disconnected at any time.  Not for children under age 3.  May contain
removable parts.  Do not taunt happy-fun ball.

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