[AG-TECH] Display Machine performance with G200 & G450

Andy Quay aquay at arts.ufl.edu
Wed Mar 13 09:45:43 CST 2002

I had a different problem. Poor video decode performance on the display
screens but the exact same solution as you. Expect I have to run the
video cards at 16 bit color depth for best performance. Are you running
16, 24, or 32 bit color?

Andy Quay
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Digital Worlds Institute 
University of Florida

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I've just installed the latest drivers for the G200 and G450 from
Matrox (released mid February) and the performance in one
specific area is ENORMOUSLY improved.

The problem I had was 'sticky windows' - the video windows were
being updated with video fine, but it was impossible to move them
on the wall (or back to the console, or minimize them) for up to
5 minutes.  This occured with anything over about 6 video windows.

With the updated drivers, and nothing else changed, I have just put
up all 38 non-black feeds in the Lobby, plus the thumbnails frame, and
the Mud and anything else I could find, and everything stayed
fully responsive.  This was with the G200 feeding all three projector
streams, and the G450 feeding the console (and yes, I know that
isn't recommended, but with this improvement, I'm not sure I'm
going to bother changing it!).

The previous drivers were the ones delivered with the system in
November, so were not vastly out of date.  Sorry I didn't bookmark
the drivers download page, but you should find them down from
www.matrox.com .  I should mention this is on a Windows 2000



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