[AG-TECH] Interest in: Take your Daughters to Work day.

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Fri Mar 8 10:30:04 CST 2002

Deb Agarwal wrote:
> Here at LBNL, we are ready to commit to doing this.  Ours is a
> daughters and sons to work day.  The schedule for ours is that
> we will only have the kids for two one hour periods.  These periods
> are 11-noon and 1-2pm PST.  We would love to interact with other
> sites during those two time periods.

I think, in my lab, I'm going to liberalise this even more
and suggest you can bring in your pets, too :) :)  You all
should look forward to meeting my cat, Denali :) :)
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