[AG-TECH] Audio/Video Cards

Maat, Steve maats at wssu.edu
Fri Mar 1 16:08:01 CST 2002

Wish it was the ccase :) 

.... I had it bookmarked correctly but was just getting the logo.

Thanks to everyone for their help - I've got enough information and have put
together the quote. Now I just need to find someone to sign it (at 5pm EST
on a friday... LOL).

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Well, it could be that you have an extra 'c' in accessgrid. :) But even if
not, here is the pdf file for the hardware spec.


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Subject: [AG-TECH] Audio/Video Cards

Received a request this morning to assemble a quote for an access grid (due
this afternoon).

Unfortunately I'm having trouble reaching the www.acccessgrid.org/agdp right
now to check on what make/model of display & video capture cards to order.

Which version of the Hauppauge Win/TV card have people had success using?

Also, what's the part number for the Matrox Dual or Quad head video cards
for the display machine?


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