[AG-TECH] Name the puppy

Jennifer Parham jrparham at cs.umt.edu
Wed Mar 27 08:18:07 CST 2002

Cats and dogs can get along.  Maybe it would be good expose for the both!!
I am guessing Denali hasn't ever been around a dog?  Anyway, at this stage,
the two are about the same size:)


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Jennifer Parham wrote:

> She will be guest starring again on the AG on Take your Daughter/Child/Kid
> to Work Day, so maybe you'll get to see her then.

ummm, jennifer, were you assuming that you (with your dawg) and me
(with my cat) would be using the same AGN?????? :) :)  i guess
i can keep denali in my "mini-AGN" in my office :) :)

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