[AG-TECH] "Tale your Daughter to Work" April 25

Peterson, Michael R michael.peterson at pnl.gov
Fri Mar 22 13:42:35 CST 2002

I have gone back through my email and made a list of those groups that said they
would like to participate. See below. I was thinking that we could reserve rooms
for 5-6 sites each to participate in each room (hoping to avoid overrunning a
room with traffic). I would like to participate with AccessGrids in other parts
of the country (but I'm also aware of the time constraints. We at PNNL for
example will be running our grids from 10:00 a.m. PDT to 1:00 p.m. PDT. I have
also received different suggestions as to how the Grid should be used. Some
believe the girls should just be able to talk to each other, others would like
to have a more organized session with presentations etc.

So here is what I would like from each site that wants to participate.

1) Participants Organization
2) Contact Information
3) Times that you will be in the grid (please let me know your TimeZone)
4) If you will be using Scheduled presentations or free form participation.
5) Web site URL that tells about your organization would be helpful.
6) Any other suggestions that you feel would be helpful.

Here's What I will do:

Next week, I will put up a web site that everyone can access (I'll send the URL
to the ag-tech list). I will place the information that you send me on this web
site. I will try to match up groups with like interest. Thanks again to everyone
for their interest

------My compiled List of Sites that had an interest in

Sandia CA
Sandia NM
U. Montana
Digital Media - UK
Johnson & Johnson
Boston University


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Just curious about any progress re "Take your Daughter to Work" on April 
25.  NCSA is planning to participate, but I can't recall who is organizing 
the event . . . and if there's anything that we should be doing to help.



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