[AG-TECH] Rat question

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Wed Mar 20 15:02:44 CST 2002


I really have no clue, but here are some complete guesses (and people
reading this can verify if this could be the source of the problem or
not...if it is a useless guess, perhaps it will trigger someone to think
about the correct answer).  Could the Automatic Gain Control be set for
the inputs that connect to your microphones?  If so, that would definitely
affect the input level of your RAT.

On the converse side, why would a Gentner setting affect the Talk setting
on RAT?  What are the programs that would affect the Talk settings?
automixer (I really don't know much about that program at all) maybe?  I
do remember when I did testing for Access Grid-in-a-Box v 1.0 that I used
automixer (aumix?).  When I made adjustments to the line-in gain in aumix,
it seemed to affect the RAT gain (as should be expected) and I think the
same applied the other way around too.

So, perhaps these experiences might help you or someone else give you the
answer to your problem.

Good luck.


On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Mustafa Varank wrote:

> Hello,
> During the conversation in Access Grid the Rat suddenly jumps to  99, and 
> this really disturbs people. Is there a way i can keep it consistent in the 
> same level. What might be the problem causing that?
> Thanks,
> Mustafa Varank

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