[AG-TECH] Mute button

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at ndsu.nodak.edu
Mon Mar 18 09:08:34 CST 2002

"S.Booth" wrote:
> Sometimes it is much nicer to allow participants to be able to mute the
> mics themselves without having to catch the eye of the node operator.
> Has anyone built (or bought) a hardware mute button for the DB25
> control/status port of the gentner?
> It looks like all you need is a 5v led between pins 4 and 25 and a push
> button between 3 and 25 (or maybe 24?). You could program the pins
> differently but this looks like the default.
>                                 Stephen

   I know that Boston University has table mics with an on/off button.
I was toying with that idea (it gives the user direct control at the
point of pick-up).  But there is a learning curve as evidenced in
a demo of the room to a group of people last week.  
   I've been told by audio people in the past that they prefer to 
control all the audio so people don't "forget" to turn it on or off.  
Of course that is a bit different situation than the AG so I'd be 
interested to hear how the mute button fits with the AG design 
point of "always on" audio (subject to interpretations of what 
that means ;-).


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