[AG-TECH] AG Lobby Policies

Jeffrey Eschbach eschbach at motorola.com
Wed Mar 13 01:31:44 CST 2002

> If folks don't want audio intruding in their nodes, they
> should have the rat listen turned off, or not have the node
> in the lobby ..

I agree that talking in the lobby is fair game, but I fear a
bunch of people muting their RAT (which would be a shame) if
general noise or long conversations become commonplace there.  

How about this for standard lobby "etiquette":

- Nodes in the lobby should regularly leave their RAT "listen"
  on, and their "talk" off.  That way you will hear if someone
  speaks up in the lobby, but your everyday conversation will
  not fill the lobby venue.
- Feel free to contact someone by turning on your RAT "talk",
  but turn it off after the conversation is over.
- If you start having a long/specific discussion (more than a
  couple of minutes), then migrate over to a specific venue.

This way we don't get the everyday noises going across the lobby,
you can speak up and contact someone and have some confidence
that they are listening, and fewer people will turn off RAT which
helps maintain the "shared" nature of the space.

Well that's my 2 cents worth... feel free to bash away. ;)


> I second bob (and don's) inclination, I think the lobby is fair game.  We'll probably have some exciting accidental converstaions and that's half the point.
> --Ivan
> PS -- remember you never know who's at the nodes in the lobby...
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>        The way I see it, it's fair game to chat in the lobby. If folks don't want audio intruding in their nodes, they should have the rat listen turned off,
>        or not have the node in the lobby ..
>        --bob
>        At 04:16 PM 3/12/2002 -0700, Don Morton wrote:
>         All, I'm confused on the policies for "hanging out" in the
>         AG Lobby.  I recall when I first came into the community
>         about a year ago I was warned that I really shouldn't get
>         on the mic and start talking with folks yet, stuff I heard
>         prior to then and stuff I heard at the Retreat last week
>         suggested that, in fact, it "is" a Lobby and it's fair game
>         to jump in and hold random conversations, etc., possibly
>         under the premise that folks who don't want to hear it can
>         turn their audio off.  
>         So, what "is" the AG Lobby policy (I ask because I see
>         my friends in Fairbanks coming in, and I"m gonna start
>         talking with them, by golly!!! :) ).

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