[AG-TECH] echo-cancellation on the cheap?

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 1 11:07:33 CST 2002

>It might also be worthwhile to look at the BSS soundweb
>device.  This was recommended to me by an audio consultant
>as a possible substitute for a Gentner.  I was too cautious
>to try it myself, but it appears to have many of the same
>features as the AP400 (perhaps for less money?).  You can
>even design and test your audio configs offline running
>their software on your PC.
>         http://www.bss.co.uk/gr_index.htm

Hm, interesting device. I get the impression that it would be even more 
complex to configure than the gentner is, which would be a bad thing. 
Though for doing audio research for the NEXT generation of cool stuff, it 
would be great.

Any idea how much they are? I didn't see a price there.

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