[AG-TECH] Vidcap machine oddity

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at ndsu.nodak.edu
Fri Jun 28 14:13:05 CDT 2002

James Miller wrote:
> The very first time I run vrm-eventlistener and enter a room, my camera view
> displays what looks to be windows from the vidcap machine instead of the
> camera output.  If I stop all and start all, my cameras become active.
> After that, I can enter other rooms, or even close the VRM and restart and
> my cameras are fine.  If I logout and reboot the vidcap machine, I get the
> same problem until I again click on stop all and start all.
> Any ideas?
> Jim

   I think that is probably a feature in the AGiB stuff - I've seen it 
on our system and other places have mentioned they see it too.  I call
it the "random surprise start-up screen capture mode". ;-)  Usually one
or two of our four vics will be doing the vic screen capture instead
of camera source.  

   But the good news is that as soon as you enter another room it clears
up.  Not sure if it is a timing thing or what.  Since we usually do go
to a room we've just lived with it.


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