[AG-TECH] Request

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Tue Jun 25 11:58:29 CDT 2002

Joe Reitzer wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is my first email to all of you - my name is Joe Reitzer and I am the
> node operator for TRECC.
> I have a request that I demo our node for some vip's today between
> 2-4pm central time.  Nothing special - just need people on the other end.
> Test Room would be fine.  This is purely more for show of functionality.
> We are limited in our AV equipment, I only have 1 camera for use and 1
> microphone without echo cancellation, but have tested our node with
> EVL - Allan Spale.  We also are using the multi-session bridge -
> multicast is not functional as of yet, and no multiple display output or
> projection.

Joe, I'll try to make it but can't guarantee, so you may want
to continue twisting arms :)
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