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Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
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Just wanted to drop in this conversation again to remind everyone that
the term "AG Node" has a clear meaning, we're trying to keep that
reserved to be what's described in the AG Minimum Node Requirements doc
(available at your nearest AGDP - http://www.accessgrid.org/agdp/ ).
Please try to keep this in mind when talking about machines and specs,
it'll make everything more clear as time goes on.
In order to keep this distinction we have been pushing ahead on a
smaller client, we've named PIG (PIG, you say!?) [ Personal Interface to
the Grid].  We're shooting for releasing an installable binary by the
end of the week (we actually have that ready now, but we want to make
source available at the same time).  Stay on the Edge of your seats,
we're entering warp speed now!

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These are interesting Spec's.  In our research we found that a dual-boot
machine with Windows and Linux was bad - eventually the builds and
drives would fail.  In addition we have not gotten a single version of
VIC to stay functional for more then an hour with dual processors.  Have
you worked around this?  What version of VIC?  

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hi Josh, 

you can view our current configuration of a single box windows AG Node
at http://research.dartmouth.edu/collab/accessgrid/.

while we have operated quite a few variations of this configuration, and
we continue to experiment with different elements of it, we have been
very stable with this particular configuration for many months now.

note: this box is dual bootable as a linux box but we default to windows
both for enabling native powerpoint and because it seemed to have better
display performance under windows.


Gurcharan S. Khanna 
Associate Director 
Research Computing 
Dartmouth College 
gkhanna at dartmouth.edu 
office: 603-646-1644 

--- Joshua Jenks wrote: 
I was wondering if anybody had any specs on a single machine AG node.
We have a very rough setup now, but Cindy told me that someone was
working on specs or a tutorial for one.  Thanks for any help.


Joshua Jenks 
Undergraduate Researcher 
Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Advanced Computing Laboratory 
jcj at lanl.gov 
Purdue University 
Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security
jenksjc at purdue.edu 

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