[AG-TECH] Re: I-D: Unusable IPv4 multicast group and source addresses

Paras Trivedi paras at juniper.net
Mon Jun 24 10:24:02 CDT 2002

This draft refers to 233/8 as SSM address space in multiple sections. 
That seems to be a typo.

- Paras.

>     (*,        Source-Specific Multicast       Section 9.1


>     9.1 Source-Specific Multicast
>     Multicast datagrams addressed within (See [IANA]) are
>     used in the Source-Specific Multicast regime.  Interested recipients
>     request traffic from specific sources using specific group
>     addresses.  Knowledge of active sources is not flooded throughout
>     the Internet, as it is the responsibility of the application to
>     discover the active sources.

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