[AG-TECH] Venue Server: reference implementation of web service interfaces

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 18 19:08:34 CDT 2002

Now available on http://www.conferencexp.net/venueserver is a reference
implementation of the Venue Server interfaces.


This implementation is based on the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2000
(MSDE Edition, free, 5 user limitation) and includes full source code as
well as client sample code for exercising the web services.


To use this reference implementation, you need to have a computer with
Windows XP Professional installed.  If you do not have SQL Server or
MSDE installed, we have included an integrated setup that will install
and configure it for you.


 - jcb


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We have a definition of the web service calls we feel makes up a
functional Venue Server listed at:



I'd like to start a discussion around this document, how it fits Access
Grid functionality, and what it would take to create a Venue Server
based around web service standards like SOAP, WSDL, etc.


 - jcb

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