[AG-TECH] no heartbeat

Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Fri Jun 14 11:23:52 CDT 2002

It turned out that it was a pretty simply problem.  When I was gone, they
create a new computer account to run the AG.  Then they MOVED (not copy) the
files from the Start Menu to the new account's Desktop.  So When I got back
and logged on to the machine, I could not find the files.

About the Control panel, I restarted the machine, and it was fine.  Weird

I checked virus.  It's not infected.  Thanks goodness.

Thank you all so much for helping.

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On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Supreeya Miller wrote:

> I think I know now what has happened.  I was gone for 8 weeks.  Someone
> operated the node.  They might have done something that effected to the AG
> software.  I click Start Menu -> Programs ->Access Grid Toolkit -> Venue,
> there is no Event Server.  I might have to reinstall the AG software.  The
> machine seems to be messed up somewhat.  When I open the Control Panel,
> there are only 5 icons, the rest of the icons are just empty.  This is not
> good.

Aiee, that does sound pretty bad. Wonder if you got nailed by a virus or a
corrupted disk or something.


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