[AG-TECH] Wide-angle camera

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An interesting paper in this area can be found at:


 - jcb

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This is a good plan.  I was chatting the other day about this and we
were discussing that in a well designed room, that isn't "moved around"
a lot, you can probably use a single pan/tilt camera if the other 3 (now
"fixed") cameras are carefully selected for lens/placement/zoom.

This might also alleviate some of the human factors (STOP MOVING THAT


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Definitely a good idea, IMHO.  I'm thinking of putting a couple of fixed
(no remote pan, tilt, focus, zoom) cameras with wide angle lens (nearly
fish-eye) at each end of our room.  The one above the videowall will
show the whole audience, so node ops can arrange closer-up views in
correct order and see the overall picture if required.  The one behind
the audience will give an overall view of what's on our videowall - this
has been invaluable in many situations, not least with shared
visualizations (Iris Explorer,
etc..) when VNC gets you a high quality picture there slowly and video
gets you a lower quality picture there almost immediately.

My reason for thinking of fixed cameras is that it's already a pain
having 4 remote-controlled cameras on 3 channels - having 6 on 3
channels would be even worse.  I'm going to investigate CameraLink
cameras in case they happen to solve the problem.


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We are entertaining the idea of placing a camera, possibly with a 
wide-angle lens at the center of our AG room to get a nice, full view of

the audience. Does anybody have any experience and/or thoughts as far as

what type of camera we should purchase or even if this is a good idea?

Darin Oman

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