[AG-TECH] Demo, June 13, need hands waving

Roberts, Ian E ian.roberts at pnl.gov
Tue Jun 11 17:50:21 CDT 2002

It's the Lobby that doesn't have bridging. I've been in the Test Room before on
the bridge.

	From: 	Don Morton
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	To: 	Randy Groves
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	Subject: 	Re: [AG-TECH] Demo, June 13, need hands waving

	Randy Groves wrote:
	> It would be good test of my re-constructed node - I THINK that there's
	> bridging in the Test Room.  I'll try and make it.

	I recall that the Test Room was the one room without
	bridging, at least a year ago.  I think it would have
	required a lot of extra work on Bob O's part to make it

	So, unless that's changed....... :(
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