[AG-TECH] dppt error

Jeff Long long at ukans.edu
Mon Jun 10 09:42:59 CDT 2002

Tom Coffin wrote:
> hi
> we recently changed the ip address of a machine
> that we were running the dppt server on and now we are
> getting an error when we run the agserv file. the registry
> file works fine. Any suggestions?
> here is the error:
> ------------------
> agserv.bat
> call config
> set CLASSPATH=ag.jar;agx.jar;jsdt.jar;jsdt-client-socket.jar
> REM ******************************
> set Server=ballston-129.ncsa.uiuc.edu

	I don't see that servername as being valid:

long at kestrel[09:10:55]~ $ nslookup ballston-129.ncsa.uiuc.edu
Server:  finch.cc.ku.edu

*** finch.cc.ku.edu can't find ballston-129.ncsa.uiuc.edu: Non-existent

Jeff Long

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