[AG-TECH] Audio losses synch (more technical questions)

Bob Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jun 10 09:24:44 CDT 2002

> I have not tested much at all but it seems to work.


> The win32 changes are now in the UCL repository. The vic from the AG cvs
> compiles out of the box against the new UCL CVS directories apart from
> changing common -> common/src in Makefile.in
> vic seems to receive uncorrupted rtp.source.playout messages from a rat
> built from CVS.
>   vic mbus recvd:rtp.source.playout "242b67b6" 50 from (media:audio 
>       module:engine app:rat session:0 id:18403)

Cool. Do you have this working across the LAN, or is this with vic running
on the same machine as rat?


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