[AG-TECH] Demo, June 13, need hands waving

Roberts, Ian E ian.roberts at pnl.gov
Wed Jun 12 17:17:32 CDT 2002

Um, folks? I'm currently connected to the Test Room via the Argonne bridge. Does
somebody know something I don't?
C:\>vtc TestRoom_video bridge-2.accessgrid.org display
connected to bridge at
vic   -N d3h817 at <mailto:d3h817 at>    -t 30
I'm not opposed to moving it to an actual room nor using a QuickBridge, but I'm
just saying that we don't need to do any of that stuff.

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I have quickbridge installed on a machine and actually would like to have
someone test our server.  Perhaps we can try this?

Jeremy Sauer

Don Morton wrote:

Randy Groves wrote:

Darn - You're right.  I could have SWORN that I was able to bridge into
that room...

Oh well.

Yeh..... Mike Daw had the best idea, I think - we should all get
into this Quick Bridge and help each other in such cases :)

So, does it have to be Test Room?  All the other ANL venues seem
to support bridging (I think).  

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