[AG-TECH] Video capture cards?

Jim Senechal jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu
Tue Jan 29 10:49:06 CST 2002

I have received approval to buy a video capture card for my computer.  I am
looking for suggestions on what PCI cards you may have used and what any of
you have found in working with video capture cards.  I would appreciate any
and all feedback you could give me to help me decide which card to get.
Thanks in advance.

Jim Senechal, Digital Conferencing Specialist
North Dakota State University, ITS Dept. 
IACC Bldg, Room 206 
Fargo, ND 58105-5164 
Phone: (701) 231-6247 
Fax: (701) 231-8541 
Email: jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu

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